Voices final report

We are very pleased to bring you the VOICES study final report, along with an animated film, ADHD and Me, which brings our interviews with children to life.

The VOICES study (Voices On Identity, Childhood, Ethics & Stimulants: Children join the debate) investigated children’s experiences with ADHD diagnosis and stimulant drug treatments. We interviewed over 150 children in the United States and the United Kingdom, recruited from NHS Trusts, university clinics and community pediatric centers.

A primary aim of the study was to understand whether children’s perspectives and experiences support claims about the ethical harms of stimulant medication. We think you will agree that the children’s perspectives reported here shed fresh and relatively optimistic light on longstanding ethical concerns. Children are more resilient than we imagined. At the same time, they reveal vulnerabilities that require more sustained attention.

We have endeavored to write a report that is informative and accessible to a diverse audience of parents and professionals who work with children. You will find both a comprehensive discussion of our research approach and findings, as well as concrete suggestions for actions to take with children. We do hope you will share the report and the film – and most important – we hope you will view and discuss the narratives you discover here with the young people in your lives.

Easy to download and print version (black and white, small file size) of the VOICES Final Report PDF (2MB)

Larger full colour VOICES Final Report PDF (50MB)