I'm going to tell you a story and then ask you some questions about it. This story is a fantasy and it's not going to come true.

Peter is 10 years old. He lives in a beautiful house with a big garden and loving parents. He spends most of this time outdoors, playing with his friends, running around playing sports, laughing and exploring.

Pause and ask: i. Does this sound like a normal kid’s life? ii. Do you live this kind of life?

But unfortunately, Peter’s life takes a turn. He can’t pay attention in class or listen very well. And his friends start making fun of him. His parents are upset and so is his teacher. Peter gets into trouble a lot.

One night a friendly dwarf creeps into Peter's bedroom and shakes him awake. "Peter", says the dwarf. "I want to help you. I can give you a new brain. Sprinkle this gold dust all over your head. It won’t hurt at all, and you will wake up in the morning with a new brain."


  1. Should Peter accept the dwarf’s offer? Why/why not?
  2. What would be different about Peter if he did accept the offer?
  3. Do you think Peter would miss his old brain at all?
  4. Would Peter still be Peter if he had a new brain?
  5. What if the dwarf could change only part of Peter’s brain? Should he do that?
    - Is that different than getting a whole new brain?
    - Would Peter still be Peter if he had only part of his brain changed?
  6. If Peter is doing all this naughty stuff, would you say he is a good person?
    1. Would Peter be a better person with a new brain?
    2. What makes a person good?
    3. Are you a good person?
    4. Does being good have anything to do with your brain?
    5. Do you think it’s harder for kids with ADHD to be good people?